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Get peace of mind with a HR Health Check by RF HR Solutions

Are your HR practices legally compliant?

Could you be exposing your business to costly tribunals? 

These are important questions to ask yourself, especially if you are running a small business with no dedicated HR manager.

Often in small businesses HR tasks are taken on by the sole trader, another member of staff and not necessarily someone who is trained in that area. In some cases this is fine up to a point, but as your business grows and you appreciate that hiring and managing staff or contractors is a key stage in the growth of your business and is great news for the future. However, hiring also brings with it a whole raft of new responsibilities and legal commitments.

Employment law is very specific and mistakes can easily be made by non-experts with inaccurate or out-of-date information. These mistakes can end up being very costly for your business – especially if you haven’t complied with a particular procedure, and a case against you is taken to tribunal.

But how do you know if all of your practices and procedures are up to date and legally compliant.

What is a HR Health Check?

We will examine your existing HR practices to identify areas of best practice and areas of risk. You will get a detailed research and analysis report as well as expert guidance and support on any improvements needed.

What does a HR Health Check cover?

The HR Health Check will make sure the correct policies and procedures are in place in the following areas:

  • Contracts for employees
  • Job descriptions for all roles
  • Comprehensive employee handbooks
  • Legally compliant policies and procedures
  • Probation management for employees
  • Sickness and holiday records
  • Employee appraisals and performance reviews
  • Employee database and payroll management
  • Awareness of employee statutory rights

To get your expert HR Health Check report contact RF HR small business HR solutions today.

Small business HR Health Check

If your HR is starting to give you a headache, then a good place to start is with our HR Health Checks. RF HR Solutions provides a variety of small business HR services from ad-hoc pay as you go advice and support to becoming an extension of your company with a managed monthly HR package.

But if you’re not sure how much input you need, if any at all, then our HR Health Check will give all your HR functions a once over and most importantly, make sure that you’re not at risk of costly mistakes.

Without legally compliant HR policies, you could leave yourself open to costly payroll blunders, low staff morale and even employment tribunal cases.

If you’re running these functions yourself, or you’ve given it to someone who is not trained in HR, then it’s well worth calling in an expert to review your policies and procedures. 

Quick and affordable service

Our HR Health Check is a quick and affordable process that will give you a good overview of where you’re at and whether any further measures need to be taken to improve and protect your business.

This professional and robust check can also serve to boost staff morale, employee engagement and improve the financial health of your business.